A Safe and Cozy Redesigned Deck
in Berryville, VA

When picturing how we can enjoy the beautiful outdoors of our home, there will always be a cozy porch or a deck where we can read good books or enjoy the beautiful sunset.

We also wish to invite the entire family over for BBQ at the weekends, with children running around laughing. A well-designed and safe deck is the icon of traditional American homes.

Homeowners across the country are looking for ways to expand their living spaces to the outdoors. A well-built deck is essential for the exterior of your house, and all you need are some lounge chairs, a table, or maybe a fire pit, you can expand your living spaces to new horizons.

A Respected Veteran

Retired Lt. Col Croswell USMC, from Berryville, VA had those same needs and came to us looking to redesign his deck for his lovely wife. His original deck was a fenceless wood deck with a staircase made of loose cement blocks, and of course, there were no handrails.

It was extremely unsafe even for young people to walk on. It was also an eyesore since they have a beautiful yard and a great view. We think they deserved an elegant, comfortable, and safe deck for them to enjoy for years to come.

A New Deck

Just like us at Trusted Veterans Restoration, the owner also bravely served our country, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with him and bring their vision to life.

Safety is always first, so after the measuring, we removed the original block stairs and leveled the landing so we could build the new stairs with handrails.

Then, fences were built around the deck that included a seating area to create a safe and comfy environment for the entire family to relax in.

The new deck looked amazing and most importantly, it’s safe. No matter how the owners want to decorate the area, it will bring them an enormous amount of joy.

During the project, we had the privilege to hear stories of his 29 years of service, including his time in Vietnam. It was fascinating how we connected.

One of the best things about our business is that we have the privilege to serve those who have served our country so bravely. It was our honor to provide him with a safe and cozy deck to enjoy the beautiful view of their yard.

The owners loved the service we provided, and they are more than happy to recommend Trusted Veterans Restoration to their friends and families.

It was extremely satisfying for us to leave the respected veteran and his lovely wife with a great new feature in their home so they can enjoy it for the years to come.

If you’re considering a redesign project of your porch or deck, or if you’d like to let someone know about your special construction project in Virginia, please give us a call. One of our experienced members will help you with any issues in your beloved home.

Best in class service

Many of their clients come through referrals from other satisfied customers. They know the power of word-of-mouth referrals and go out of their way to deliver the services that you will brag about to your family and friends.

“Would like to give a shout out to Mike and his crew for the good job that they did on replacing our roof, gutters, and downspouts. Highly recommend Trusted Veterans Restoration and would use them again.”

Tricia Fairfax

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