Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Painting your home’s vinyl siding may seem like a quick and inexpensive way to put some life back in your home’s exterior, but it’s not always the smartest solution. You’ll want to consider a few things before you throw a new coat of paint on your old siding.

Before painting vinyl siding, consider whether you should just replace it. Depending on your warranty, the integrity of your existing siding, and a few other factors, it may be better to change it out for new siding. Otherwise, you’ll only be putting a bandage on a bigger problem.


If your home’s vinyl siding has become faded and dirty, you can quickly freshen it up with a coat of latex urethane paint. However, before you start painting your home’s siding, keep in mind that it’s a permanent solution that could have unwanted consequences down the line. Here’s what you need to consider ahead of time.


Sometimes replacing vinyl siding is cheaper than painting it or using a power washer and cleaning solution, especially if it’s become excessively faded. As long as your siding is still under warranty, the manufacturer should replace it at no extra cost. However, if you paint your siding, you may not be able to replace it at all.

As soon as you apply a coat of paint, you’ll be unable to file a claim for new vinyl siding because you’ll have voided the warranty. Many manufacturers are unwilling to accept a warranty claim if you’ve tampered with their product. So before you do, give us a call so we can help with your insurance claim.

Yet, if your warranty has already expired or you don’t mind voiding it, a fresh coat of paint can put some much-needed life back into faded siding.


If we compare the cost of vinyl paint to the cost of new vinyl siding, painting your home might seem like the cheaper option but that doesn’t automatically make it the best choice. You also have to consider the long-term payoff and the amount of labor it takes to repaint your home.

The Cost of Paint

Even with the right paint, you’ll need at least two coats of acrylic and urethane resins to finish the job. You’ll also need to buy paint sticks and a soft-bristled brush to mix and apply the paints. Altogether, this can end up costing as much as $4,000, especially if you need more than two coats of urethane and acrylic resins.

The Cost of New Siding

New vinyl siding can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $14,000, depending on the size of your home. While this may seem pricier, using quality products like Hardie Siding will pay off in the long run. Industry specialists report that homeowners can recoup as much as 75% of the cost of new vinyl siding, whereas you won’t earn anything back from new paint.


When you replace old siding through Trusted Veterans Restorations, we’ll inspect your home for mold, vermin, and any other possible damage caused by moisture or settling. If we find issues, we’ll promptly repair the damage and restore your home to top condition.

On the other hand, painting siding often covers up underlying problems, preventing you from finding damage before it’s too late. Hidden damage can then allow pests, mold, and moisture to seep into your home and create long-term problems.


As with any paint job, you’ll need to find a color that matches your existing home exterior. If you use a color that’s too dark, it can cause the siding to warp slightly but, if you use a color that’s too light, it won’t cover the existing shade.

If you’re absolutely set on painting your existing vinyl siding, shop around to find good deals, quality paints and also save some money. In addition, you can test paint samples by applying a small streak of color across your vinyl siding to gauge whether it will work.


Insulation might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of painting or changing your vinyl siding but switching to insulated vinyl could save you money and improve your heating and cooling bill.

Compared to older vinyl, insulated siding is far more energy-efficient and will help keep your home cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters.

If your home doesn’t already have insulated siding, speak with our professional team at Trusted Veterans Restorations and request a quote today.


Although painting your vinyl siding can give your home a quick facelift, it’s not always the smartest choice. However, investing in new siding can lower your electric bill, find hidden damage, and even pay off in the long run. Contact Trusted Veterans Restorations today to get a quote on new siding for your home.