Can You Paint Vinyl Windows?

Many homes across America have vinyl rather than wooden windows. As your redecorating, you’ll likely want to paint your windows to express your personality and aesthetic. Yet, it’s often debated whether you should paint vinyl windows and if it’s even possible. The short answer is yes, you can, but it’s not also the best option.

Although it’s possible to repaint vinyl windows, it’s often easier and wiser to replace old window frames. Investing in new windows will save you more in the long run and the trouble of repainting old, dilapidated frames.

Continue reading to learn about everything you’ll need to paint vinyl windows. We’ll explain other options and help guide you to the best choice. For more information or to get a free quote, contact Trusted Veterans Restorations, located in northern Virginia.


Before you go out and buy any old paint, you’ll need to consider a few things. First, painting your vinyl windows will take time and commitment, so be prepared for the investment. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Consider replacing your vinyl window frames – If your existing windows are old or worn, it’s best just to replace them. New replacement windows will better insulate your home, helping to reduce your energy bill. In addition, you can buy new windows in lighter colors or darker colors to match your style.
  • Check your warranty – Contact the window manufacturer ahead of time to guarantee that they will uphold their warranty if you paint your vinyl windows. Painted vinyl windows can absorb more heat and direct sunlight, leading to rapid deterioration.

Keep these considerations in mind to make your life easier.


Follow these steps to paint your vinyl frames:

  • Buy the right paint – You’ll need to buy vinyl-safe primer and vinyl-safe paint. Unfortunately, not all paints work with vinyl and PVC windows so, if you buy the wrong product, you could do more damage than good.
  • Clean and dry your windows – Always clean the interior and exterior window frames before painting. If your windows are coated in dirt or dust, the paint will not properly adhere to the frames.
  • Sand the frames – Sanding vinyl with 220 or 240-grit sandpaper will help the paint stick to the outer surface.
  • Use painter’s tape – Protect the window panes and surrounding walls by taping the exteriors with painter’s tape. A drop cloth and plastic sheeting will also protect your interior floors.
  • Prime and paint – Before painting, you’ll need to prime the frame with a white alkyd-based primer. Allow the primer to dry before then applying a coat of vinyl-safe paint. Finally, use a sponge brush or spray paint to coat the frames evenly.

Once the paint has dried, tidy up by removing the painter’s tape and clearing away the drop cloths and plastic sheeting.


Painting vinyl might seem easy, but it doesn’t always work out how you expect. There are certain risks involved with painting vinyl, such as:

  • Peeling and flaking – The paint may flake off if you don’t properly clean or prime your frames.
  • Damage – Using the wrong type of primer or paint will chemically degrade the vinyl.
  • Warranty issues – If you willingly damage your window frames, the manufacturer will likely void your warranty, preventing you from filing a claim.

Avoid these issues by speaking with our professional team of contractors at Trusted Veteran’s Restorations in northern Virginia.


Painting vinyl windows take time and effort. Save yourself some trouble by going through a professional contractor. A contractor can replace your existing interior and exterior frames, advise you on new materials, and share tips on which colors can improve your energy efficiency.

Contractors are experienced at finding paint colors to match your furniture and style. Whether you prefer neutral tones, such as brown or beige, or something more outstanding like green or red, a contractor will have the connections you need.


For help painting your windows or for more information about replacing old frames, give us a call at Trusted Veteran’s Restorations. We’ll give you a free consultation, always recommend high-quality manufacturers such as Alside and put our years of home improvement experience to work for you.