Types of House Siding

A three story home with white stairs and brand new blue siding. - Trusted Vets Restoration I Northern VirginiaA new house siding can do wonders for your home. It can increase curb appeal and take your home to the next level. Siding is one of the easiest ways to enhance the look of your home when you want to make some changes.

For many homeowners, years of weather damage make replacing siding unavoidable. Siding is not only for looks but can protect your home from fire, hail, water, and any type of damage related to natural elements.

When it comes time to replace or repair your house siding, you want to choose durable, high-quality products and have professional services done right. Siding can have a lasting impact on your home. Appearance and value, yes. But most importantly, it’s vital for your home’s structural integrity.

What House Siding Options Are Available?

There are a number of different types of house siding options. Some of the most popular include:

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most widely used siding variation. This is because it is a cost-effective option that is also easy to maintain. It’s not only durable, and an excellent insulator but is also available in a versatile range of colors. Vinyl siding is easy and quick to install, providing years of a beautiful home exterior.

Metal Siding

Metal siding offers superior durability, being able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. While it does come at a greater expense, it is tough to damage and has a long lifespan, which will ensure that you never have to replace your home’s siding again. Metal siding is also highly resistant to both fire and water damage.

Wood Siding

Wood siding options provide a rustic, natural appearance that many homeowners find appealing, despite the increased maintenance. Wood siding is available in various styles, including clapboard, shingle, or hardwood, and you can also customize your home further with paint and stains. 

While economical, wood siding does require resealing and repainting to maintain a fresh appearance.

Brick And Stone Veneer Siding

Brick siding and stone veneer is another option for exterior siding that mimics the look of stonework and masonry. It’s made from a mixture of cement and other materials that are molded to look like hand-crafted brick or stone. 

Brick siding and stone veneer are also very durable and a low-maintenance option. Brick veneer also adds an extra layer of insulation to your home.

Fiber Cement Siding

If you crave the look of stone or brick but don’t want the costs of expensive masonry, consider fiber cement siding. This versatile home covering is fire-resistant and low maintenance. Fiber cement siding also adds insulation to your home.

What Siding Is Extremely Durable?

There are many types of durable siding on the market. It all depends on your home needs. Wood, vinyl, fiber, and aluminum siding are all incredibly durable. Homeowners should make the best choice based on their roofing needs.

What Siding Is the Most Affordable?

Typically vinyl siding is the most affordable type of siding available to homeowners. However, other types of siding last longer, saving money in the long run. They are just expensive to pay for upfront.

What Color Options Are There in Roof Siding?

Vinyl siding is available in more color options than any other siding material. However, some manufacturers can make custom colors to suit the needs of your home. If finding the right color is a high priority for you, talk to a local contractor about your best options.

Repair and Replacement Siding

While durable, high-quality siding can protect your home for decades, the wear and tear of Northern Virginia weather can damage your siding. Snow, rain, and wind cause havoc for roofs, siding, and gutters. 

Hail is one of the most damaging elements for your home. After a hailstorm, you need to assess your roof and siding for cracks and holes. This type of damage can have water seeping into your home.

Time is another factor. Aging can cause the siding to fade and not look as fresh and inviting as it once did. It’s also possible that a harsh storm could damage your siding or cause it to pull away from your home.

If you are unsure if siding needs to be replaced or repaired, you should contact a professional and have someone out to check on the roof of your home.

Trusted Veterans Restoration

Whatever your reason for re-siding your home, Trusted Veterans Restoration provides superior craftsmanship, high-quality products including Hardie siding, and reliable customer service. 

At Trusted Veterans Restoration we respect your time and consider it a privilege to restore your home. The team turns up when they say they will, ensures everything is installed properly, and cleans up after themselves so thoroughly that the only way you know they’ve been in your yard at all is your fresh new siding.


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