How to Prepare Your Home for the Spring

Spring is finally here, and after a seemingly endless winter, it’s time to spruce up your home. Winter weather can take its toll on the exterior of your home, but you can take care of winter wear and damage with a little work. And remember, if you have roof, siding, window, or gutter damage, the team at Trusted Veterans Restoration provides exceptional home repairs and restoration services.


The wind, rain, and snow that battered your home and yard all winter may have filled up your gutters and downspouts with leaves and other debris. Cleaning your gutters is a critical part of preparing your property for spring. When your gutters are clogged, water gets trapped, which can damage your gutters, as well as overflow and damage your roof, siding or even the foundations of your home.

Wear protective gloves and scoop out as much debris as you can. Then, uses your garden hose to flush out any remaining leaves or dirt. While you’re flushing your gutters, make sure that your downspout is funneling water at least five feet away from your home.


While you’re checking your gutters, you should also take a look at your foundation vents. Leaves and debris can build up around these vents, too, and prevent effective ventilation in your home, which can lead to mold and other problems.


Roofs are typically built to last for decades or longer, but harsh winter storms can loosen shingle or cause other damage. If you’re concerned about your roof, call in a trustworthy roofing contractor to examine the top of your home. Roofing experts are trained and experienced in moving around on rooftops, which means it’s safer. Also, a roofing expert knows what signs of damage to look for while assessing your property.

If you do need to replace shingles or address any other damage, make your roof a priority. It keeps water out of your home and prevents significant damage.


You may also notice that your siding doesn’t look as lovely as it once did. Maybe your home is just looking a little old, or you’ve lost siding during the winter. You can wash your siding, repaint, replace and repair damaged siding, or even reside your whole home for a fresh new look.


The changes in temperature and wet weather can damage the frames of your windows. Check for signs of rot or loosening each spring. Also, whether you used weather stripping over the winter or not, you may want to consider using weather stripping in the spring and summer as well. Not only does weather stripping help keep your cool, conditioned air inside, but it also reduces the amount of pollen that can enter your home.


After you’ve taken care of the outside of your home, you can also get your yard ready for warmer weather. For example, you may want to add fresh soil or reseed your lawn. You can also trim away any dead branches or plants, and make space for fresh, new spring flowers.

It’s also time to clean off your patio or yard furniture and get your grill ready for the warmer weather. While you’re cleaning, make sure to check your hose for any leaks. Also, when you turn on your outside tap, hold your thumb against it. If you can stop the flow of water with your finger, you probably have a leak somewhere inside.

If you have storm damage that you need to repair or want to refresh the appearance of your home contact Trusted Veterans Restoration. They can help you enhance your home and increase its value.