Insurance Approved a Damaged Roof With Discontinued Shingles in Berryville, Virginia

For all the homeowners out there, the most important structure of your house is the roof. It not only provides a sense of safety for your family members, but it also can keep your things dry. 

Well, that’s only the case for a well-maintained roof. Whenever a storm hits your area, the first thing you might do is check if your roof is in good shape. Even without visible water inside your house, there is still a possibility of roof damage.

At Trusted Veterans Restoration, we deal with roof damage cases every storm season. We have years of experience and an unshakeable reputation in the community. There is no problem too difficult to handle for the experts in our team. 

After a thorough inspection, we’ll take quick actions to minimize the troubles that might follow. In many cases, your roof will have a complete replacement as soon as possible. Our responsible veterans completed their duty by keeping the nation safe and now they are protecting your home from damage.

Discontinued Roofing Shingles

Mr. Witt from Berryville, Virginia, called right after a storm hit their region. After our assessment, we were able to locate the damages and after having the issue fixed, the next step was to simply replace the shingles on the roof. 

However, the shingles on their roof were discontinued. Luckily Mr. Witt had insurance on his roof which covers the replacement of all of the existing discontinued shingles. However, the damaged area was pretty large.

Whether it’s changing manufacturing processes, or lacking sales, it’s common that shingle manufacturers discontinue specific products due to various reasons. 

But no need to worry about your well-performing discontinued shingles, they can still provide excellent protection. It just needs a bit of work when your roof suffers damage.

Insurance Claim Assistance

We all know the policy of your insurance matters a lot when it comes to your damage assessment. The bigger the damage, the more likely you can have a new roof replaced. And you’ll have the opportunity to have new shingles to cover the entire damaged area of your roof.

We quickly went to work. Mr. Witt was very pleased to know we were able to solve the problem so fast even with the discontinued shingle situation. With the insurance company covering the roof fix, Mr. Witt is now enjoying the brand-new roof that is keeping everything safe and dry.

Here at Trusted Veterans Restoration, we are honored to have a great reputation that we worked very hard to get. We take every job extremely seriously no matter the project big or small.

If your roof shingles have been discontinued or have any type of roof damage in your home, get in touch with the professionals at Trusted Veterans Restoration. We’ll help you to have your roof fixed as soon as possible. 

Give us a call and let us know what roofing issue you’re facing and one of our experts will walk you through the process step by step.

Best in class service

Many of their clients come through referrals from other satisfied customers. They know the power of word-of-mouth referrals and go out of their way to deliver the services that you will brag about to your family and friends.

“Would like to give a shout out to Mike and his crew for the good job that they did on replacing our roof, gutters, and downspouts. Highly recommend Trusted Veterans Restoration and would use them again.”

Tricia Fairfax

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