A Weekend Home with A Brand-New Look in Front Royal, Virginia

Nothing compares to enjoying some faraway time with friends and family in a weekend home, but the idea is usually luxurious. If you can expand the range of your target real estate investment, a weekend home might not be unreachable. Here at Trusted Veterans Restoration, we have one of the most professional teams in this industry with years of experience, we can help you turn any building into a safe and trouble-free property for you and your family to enjoy.

We give our best when tackling your property’s problems, big or small. With the great reputation that we’ve built over the years in the state of Virginia, homeowners put their faith in us and put their beloved loved homes into our hands for us to complete their construction projects. 

A weekend home that needed some “TLC” (Tender Loving Care)

John just bought a weekend home in Front Royal, Virginia. Even though there was a beautiful view, the house needed some TLC. After the first inspection and some planning, we found out this house could get a massive upgrade. The customer was very satisfied with our plan and couldn’t wait to have our team start on the project. 

The first thing we did was to get rid of an old stove on the main floor that came with the house. After removing the stove, we fixed the drywall and the roof and left no sign of the pre-existing hole where the flue came out. With that problem out of the way, the entire floor needed replacement. The color of the new wooden floor suits perfectly with the style of cabinets and brings a modern look to the upper-level interior. 

If getting a brand-new house isn’t for you at the moment, considering a fix-upper isn’t a bad idea. It gives the owner all kinds of opportunities to save plenty upfront and freely design the space with their personal tastes and get the look they want. As long as the foundation, roof, and structure are fine, the property can be a solid investment. With new paint, floor, and cabinets, you’ll be amazed at how you get a nice property at such little cost. Especially with the help of a professional team like we have here at Trusted Veterans Restoration, this kind of project can soon become a great property for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come.

John was thrilled to see the final result of their weekend house in Front Royal, Virginia. He loved the services and craftsmanship we provided and they’re more than happy to recommend Trusted Veterans Restoration to their friends and families. It was extremely satisfying for us to know that the house got all the care it needed to be John’s family’s new weekend home to enjoy.

We a Trusted Veterans Restoration feel honored to have a great reputation here in Virginia. If you also have a similar project and want to learn more about how we can help you and your property, please contact us as soon as you get a chance.

Weekend home with stove flue coming out the roof, before - Trusted Veterans Restoration, VA Weekend home without stove flue coming out the roof, after - Trusted Veterans Restoration, VA Inside weekend home fire place area with brand new floors - Trusted Veterans Restoration, Front Royal, VA