Historically Aged House with A Trouble-Free Skylight in Leesburg, VA

At Trusted Veterans Restoration, we have the responsibility to assure that our customers can live in their properties without worry. Our hardworking veterans kept the nation safe and now they’re protecting your properties from damage. We deliver affordable and efficient renovation services throughout the state of Virginia for friends and families in our community who trust us with their homes. We love it when they refer us to others who need help with their residential or commercial building projects.

When considering the pros of having a skylight, it might be the loveliest feature of any house. It brings in natural daylight especially for the winter months of the year, so it’s great for lowering your energy bill. Skylights can also be any shape and size for the specific design aspect you’re looking for your home and it can definitely be an eye chasing point of your interior. And let’s not forget the opportunity of wondering into the sky during night time and sleep in the company of the stars. 

A Skylight with Some Issues

Without question, it’s nice to have a skylight in the house. However, it also can be problematic when it starts to age and causes leaking inside your home. Mr. Thompson was a referral from another customer who lives in Leesburg, VA. They have a beautiful historically aged house which was built in the 1700s. The customer reached out to us because of their leaking skylight. Even if a skylight is properly installed, it can start aging sooner than you think. Moisture issues and leaks can let water in and spread to the roof and ceiling as well. Even a minor leak could cause a much bigger problem if not taken care of quickly. 

First, we did a thorough inspection of the roof and skylight area and figured out the main issue, the roof decking was damaged. This caused the seal around the skylight to wear out causing more leaks. After changing the decking out, we reflashed the elevation including the skylight to prevent water from penetrating through. Flashing can provide a seal to the area which is exposed and where two different materials meet, this prevents water from getting in. Our professional team quickly fixed the leaking area and put new shingles on the roof. 

It was very satisfying for us to see the customer was very pleased with our work. We feel honored to have had a part in preserving this almost 300-year-old historical house. Now the owner has a trouble-free skylight which only brings natural sunlight instead of unwanted moisture. They were more than willing to introduce Trusted Veterans Restoration to their friends and family here in Leesburg, VA.

If you are a property owner in Virginia and wish to learn more about how we can help you with your project, don’t hesitate to call us when you get the chance. Trusted Veterans Restoration will always put your family members and your property’s safety first.

Historical house with skylight issue being fixed - Trusted Veterans Restoration. Leesburg, VA Damaged roof decking around leaking skylight - Trusted Veterans Restoration. Leesburg, VA Restored historical house skylight - Trusted Veterans Restoration. Leesburg, VA