Minor roof issues fixed in
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Here at Trusted Veterans Restoration, we give our best when tackling problems from homeowners no matter the problem, big or small. The roof is one of the most important structures of any building, but it can also be the one that’s easily overlooked. When you notice any leaking on your roof, the issue might have existed for a while. 

That’s why we understand the importance of a sealed roof that can protect your home from different kinds of damage for years to come. 

A strong and stable roof

Katherine, living just outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia was having issues with her roof. She had a crack on the chimney and several missing shingles that caused leaking issues. After the inspection, we recommend an overall re-roofing which can solve the problems once for all. Usually, when we do the first inspection of the site, there is a chance that some damages were overlooked because of inaccessibility. That is the reason when we have a restoration job, surprises may appear along the way and we need to address those too. We wouldn’t want to leave until we get your money’s worth for the construction investment for a carefree home. 

Katherine realized the problem but she couldn’t replace the roof for now, unfortunately. Then we suggested doing a roof tune-up which can fix the major damages of her roof. In an area like Fredericksburg, Virginia, leaking is always the main problem due to the climate. Other than its aesthetic purposes, the roof needs to be strong and stable. And as long as the roof is well protected, there won’t be any chance for the water to come into the house. 

We chose asphalt roofing shingles to replace the ones missing from her roof. Asphalt shingles are widely available across the U.S, they are affordable and very easy to install. They can be installed over original shingles and are made from a single layer so they are lightweight. We were able to replace the shingles very quickly and moved on to the cracked chimney

The chimney is one of the most vulnerable structures of the roof. When it’s cold in the winter and the fireplace is frequently used, thermal expansion and contraction can cause major damage to its structure which eventually leads to leaking and heat loss. 

We used a chimney masonry patch on the damaged area. It dries fast and hardens to a tough concrete-like finish. It is very handy when dealing with a small crack or leaks like Katherine’s; it also doesn’t require any heat.

Katherine was pleased to know her roof is safe now without having to spend a fortune. We feel very proud when our customers put their faith in Trusted Veterans Restoration, and trust us with their properties. We gave our best to make sure Katherine is satisfied with our work and would happily recommend our services to her friends and neighbors. 

Please contact us to learn how we can help you. Trusted Veterans Restoration will always put your family members and your property’s safety first.

Asphalt shingles missing - Trusted Veterans Restoration, VA
Installed asphalt shingles - Trusted Veterans Restoration, VA
Damaged chimney - Trusted Veterans Restoration, VA
Fixed chimney leak - Trusted Veterans Restoration, VA