Your roof protects your family from the elements, making it one of the essential structures in your home. Trusted Veterans Restoration provides beautiful, high-quality roofs and repair services for homes throughout Northern Virginia. Your family’s comfort and safety is the top priority for Trusted Vets. Their commitment to excellence means that you can count on high-quality materials and expert services.

How do I know if I need roof repairs or a new roof?

Unfortunately, the first sign that your roof needs attention is a leak. While your roof is a critical component of your home, the damage isn’t usually visible from the ground, and you don’t typically spend much time on it. However, if your home or roof is getting older, Trusted Vets offers roof inspections to check for signs of damage, weakness, or other issues that you should have repaired before the problem grows.


You can also schedule roof inspections after heavy storms or winters when you’ve had a lot of snow that could have potentially damaged your roof. Trusted Vets provide expert roof inspections so that you can get the roof replacement or the repairs you need to protect your family and your home.

Our Services



Workers on roof top ripping out old shingles


Workers on rooftop installing new shingles


New roof completed

What are my roofing options?

Trusted Vets only uses the highest quality roofing products including:



There’s more to roofing than choosing the color of your shingle. Trusted Vets uses GAF roofing products including roof deck protection, leak barriers, starter shingles, hip at ridge cap shingles, ventilation, and attic vents. These products provide multiple layers of protection to secure your home and family from the elements.


Why choose Trusted Veterans Restoration for your roofing needs

Trusted Vets operates on principles of trust, respect, and commitment, which translates into exceptional service, state-of-the-art materials, and a team that will treat you like family. They want each customer to be 100% satisfied with their work and service, so they:


  • Don’t hassle you with pushy sales calls
  • Provide accurate quotes
  • Deliver organized roofing repairs and replacements
  • Clean up after themselves


Many of their clients come through referrals from other satisfied customers. They know the power of word-of-mouth referrals and go out of their way to deliver the services that you will brag about to your family and friends.