Signs it’s time for new windows

How old are your windows? Even if you don’t notice obvious signs of wear and tear, there are other indicators that it’s time to invest in new windows. For example, when they get old and worn, they also let in noise, drafts, and insects. Check out our advice on how to know if you need new windows.

From a distance, your windows might look fine, but six vital signs indicate that you need to replace your windows.



Do you notice a breeze or a change in temperature when you sit near your windows, even when your windows are closed? Over time, your window seals could weaken, or the frames could warp. When your windows aren’t tightly sealed, they let your cooled or heated air escape, and the outdoor weather can seep in. 


Even if you don’t feel drafts from your windows, you might notice that your energy bills have been higher. Whether you’re paying more for air conditioning in the summer or for heat in the winter, if your windows are letting your comfortable air out, you might feel it in your wallet first.


If you can hear a lot of outside noise, it could be a sign that your windows aren’t sealed correctly. No one wants to listen to their neighbors all day. New double or triple-paned glass windows can block most outdoor noise. You might appreciate upgraded windows if you live on a busy street or close to your neighbors. 


Check your window frames. When the frames get soft to touch or show chips, they may be beyond repair. Soft window frames indicate water damage and rot. If your windows aren’t sagging already, they will soon.


Additionally, if your window frames are rotting or if they weren’t installed correctly, the balance of the frames could be off. This makes it hard to open or close the windows. In addition to allowing drafts of air, it could also create a security issue if you can’t lock your windows. 


Drops of water or fog inside your windows mean that your seals have failed and water is entering your windows and your home. Additionally, condensation — along with high energy bills and struggling to regulate the temperature of your home — is a sign that your windows are no longer energy efficient.


High-quality windows are an investment in your home. However, they offer so many benefits that once they’re installed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade before. In addition to decreasing your energy costs all year, most new windows provide UV protection. New windows are also more secure and require less maintenance. 

And if you’re in the market to sell your home, new windows increase your curb appeal and the value of your home. Window replacement projects can return around 78% of the project costs at resale. 

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