What is a Drip Edge?

Looking up at the drip edge of a home. - Trusted Veterans I Northern VirginiaShingle roofs are a complicated combination of materials that work together to protect your home and family from wind, weather, and the sun. Each part serves an important role, and without it, your roof would fall apart. For example, the drip edge protects your home and the fascia board from rainwater. Not sure how? We’ll explain everything!

A drip edge is a metal flashing built to move the rainwater away from the underside of your roof. Without a drip edge, rain could seep into the inner fascia of your roofing boards, leading to rot and roof failure. Some drip edges are more effective than others, so speak with a roofing professional to find the best options.

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What are Roof Drip Edges?

A drip edge is a sheet of metal flashing installed along the edge of a roof to prevent rainwater from leaking into the inner wooden parts of the roof. The drip edge helps protect your home from wood rot and roof failure so, if you’re replacing your roof, you should also replace the drip edge.

Do Virginia Building Codes Require a Drip Edge?

There was a time when Virginia state building code R905. 2.8.5 required all homes to have a drip edge installation. However, under a 2012 revision to the Virginia Residential Code VRC, you no longer have to install a drip edge flashing.

Nonetheless, we still recommend installing a drip edge to protect your home. Virginia’s climate is prone to snow and rain so, without a drip edge, your home could succumb to water damage and a leaky roof.

When Do You Not Have to Install Drip Edges?

You should install drip edges on any home with wooden fascia boards. However, not all homes require drip edges. For example, if your existing roof was built with aluminum or galvanized steel fascia that runs flush to your roof decking, you wouldn’t need an additional roof drip. Your roofing system is already able to prevent water from leaking into the fascia.

What Else Should You Know About Drip Edges?

Drip edges might not always be necessary, but they can still help protect your home and roof. Even if you have aluminum fascia, you can still benefit from drip edges in the following ways:

  • Drip edges help fend off insects and other small animals from crawling between your fascia and roof deck
  • Drip edges protect your shingles and gutters
  • Drip edges help your gutters transport water away from your roof and home
  • Drip edges act as ice dams during the winter months
  • Drip edges help prevent fascia boards from shifting or slipping

With a drip edge, you’ll rest easy knowing that your roof is protected.

Types of Drip Edges

Open hemmed edges – Open hemmed edges help prevent capillary action from pulling water up into your roof. They are applied using metal and standing seam roofing.

L-drip edges – Best used on roofs with a gentle incline, l style drip edges latch onto the roof deck and fascia boards. They are glued into place on the outer edge.

How Much Does a Roof Drip Edge Cost?

As you’re planning your budget for a new roof, be sure to include the price of replacing your existing drip edge. Drip edge installations are always done in tandem with roof replacements so that they can affect your final price tag.

For a standard aluminum drip edge, expect to pay around $2.00 for each linear foot of roofing material. This price includes the cost of material and the price of labor. If you opt to use other materials, such as copper or steel, you’ll spend a little more on high-priced materials.

Keep in mind, though, that the roofing contractor you hire can make a big difference in the final price you’ll pay for a new drip edge. At Trusted Veteran’s Restorations, we use high-quality materials from companies like Owens Corning, but we will never overcharge for our services or materials. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible service at a price you can afford.

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