Top 5 Reasons You Have a Leaking Window (And How to Fix Them!)

A young man in a blue hardhat checking a window's alignment to prevent future leaking problems. -Trusted Vets Restoration I Northern VirginiaYou live in a beautiful home filled with wonderful memories. But every winter and rainy spell brings buckets of water through your closed windows, damaging your floors, letting mold thrive, and discoloring your walls.

It has got to stop. You can’t go on living with this frustrating, disheartening turn of events whenever the skies pour. But what can you do? How do you fix your leaking windows?

Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon a gold mine. We’re going to show you exactly why your windows are leaking and how to fix them. With Trusted Veterans Restoration, you can kiss goodbye to water infiltration!

Why Are Your Windows Leaking?

Here are five common reasons why your windows are leaking:

#1 General Wear and Tear

Nothing lasts forever, including the sealant around your windows! The chemical components break down, causing window leaks and condensation around the frame area following heavy rain.

#2 Poor Design

A poor house design is the worst possible cause of window leaks. Why? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with the windows! Instead, it’s all down to the people who initially designed and built your home.

Common design problems that cause window leaks include:

  • Wall cracks
  • Siding imperfections
  • Lack of overhangs

It’s hard to tell whether poor design choices are the issue. So, if you’re having trouble, our window replacement experts at Trusted Veterans Restoration can help you determine the problem.

#3 Improperly Installed

If it’s not the above, an improper installation might be the cause of your leaking window. Whether it’s flashing vulnerabilities, non-corrosion-resistant nails, or simply poorly fitted windows, if lousy installation is the problem, you must hire an experienced replacement specialist in Northern Virginia like us.

#4 Uneven Window Frame

Downpours and the cold weather experienced in the mid-Atlantic region causes water to puddle on an uneven window sill. Pop a spirit level on the leaky window frame to check whether it’s level. If not, it’s time for some DIY to attempt to straighten the sill!

#5 Insufficient Glass Seal

A window leak found between the panes means the seal between the glass has degraded. While this doesn’t necessarily mean water enters your home, it does mean that your window is less energy-efficient and insulated.

How to Spot Leaky Windows

Plenty of symptoms can indicate a leaking window. But the below are the most common telltale signs:

  • Rotten wood around the window
  • Mold growth on the window and wall
  • Water coming in around the window frames
  • Saggy drywall

How to Fix a Leaking Window

There are five steps you can take to fix your leaking window.

#1 Adjust Your Home’s Temperature

If window condensation is the thing you’re worried about, then you’re in luck. We know you might not feel lucky, but condensation doesn’t typically mean you have a leak! Instead, you need to increase your home’s temperature or humidity levels to prevent moisture build-up during the winter.

#2 Apply New Waterproof Caulk and Window Sealant

To fix most window leaks, you must replace the caulk and sealant. It seems pretty daunting, but it’s simple when you know how!

Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the old caulk between the frames and the window using a knife or spatula.
  2. Put the caulk tube in the caulking gun.
  3. Cut the tip off the tube at an angle.
  4. Squeeze the trigger to push the caulk out the tip and onto the frame, moving steadily along the seam.
  5. Finally, use a slightly wet putty knife to smooth out the caulk and marvel at your fixed leak!

#3 Unclog Your Gutters

Clogged gutters redirect water flow and cause leaks. Fixing the leak might be as simple as cleaning out your gutters, which you can do easily.

#4 Replace the Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping is the black, rubberlike part framing your window panes. To switch it, follow these steps:

  1. Cut out the old weather stripping.
  2. Wipe the window.
  3. Measure the frame.
  4. Stick the new stripping!

#5 Let Trusted Veterans Restoration Replace Your Leaking Windows

Sometimes, the best and only option is to get replacement windows. At Trusted Veterans Restoration, we use the highest quality windows from top-notch manufacturers like Alside, Andersen, and Simonton. We can help you pick and install your new windows expertly to provide a flawless, aesthetically pleasing, leak-free finish.

Don’t go through another Northern Virginia winter without replacing your windows!



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